RIJDER SEEDS is a family-owned company founded by natives of the Netherlands in 1956. Rijder Seeds specializes in tomato and cucumber breeding for plastic greenhouses, open field and processing, on pepper, white head cabbage, lettuce and stalk celery. Active growth of the company in this direction became possible after arrival of skilled specialists from the famous, but highly specialized companies merged by monsters (multinational corporations).

What is most important in our company – we were the first to build a sales network of seeds with the total control of the dealers on the storage conditions of seeds. Upon delivery seeds to growers, we use the special thermal container and control the seeds storage process outside the warehouse. This innovation allowed us to achieve almost complete absence of problems with germination.

On breeding we actively cooperate with large-scale scientific centers that allow us to create new hybrids with unique characteristics and excellent resistance to diseases. Openness to collaboration and interaction with the best specialists is the cornerstone of our success.